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Build (verb) -  |bɪld|
  1. to engage in the art, practice, or business of building.

We are architects specialising in residential design.
We believe the power of design to uncover the particular qualities of a place, community & our clients, and to translate this information into unique human environments….

Bild Architecture
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Veneer House

Melbourne, Victoria

The Veneer House is the latest iteration in a series of projects exploring the adaptation of typical suburban typologies to contemporary needs. The original house, a prime example of interwar featurism, presented a heritage protected brick facade to the street frontage with weatherboard to the rear and sides, on a steeply slopping site.

The proposal sampled this brick façade, introducing a flowing ribbon-like wall around the base of the building at the rear – capturing space in the former sub-floor zone for a suite of new living spaces opening onto the rear yard while simultaneously providing a large terrace with views across to the city above.